Sunday, August 31, 2014

Inspection Perfection

Today, I was subjected to a body inspection after my shower.

I had to kneel on an ottoman with my stomach on the bed, with my ass presented to him.  He said that this is position 1.  He checked my anal hole thoroughly, then my vagina.  He felt it for smoothness, smelled it for cleanliness, and tasted it for freshness. He spent some time licking my clit.  He felt around inside of it, too.

He then had me roll over on the bed with my legs apart but still on the ottoman.  This he said is position 2.  He proceeded to checked my toes (smack on the bottom twice for a broken toenail), my feet, legs, face, mouth, ears (smack on the bottom for them needing cleaning), and breasts.  Then he checked more thoroughly my vagina.  He looked at the outside, how close my shave was, whether or not I had razor burn, etc.  Then he starting licking my clit, fingering my backside hole, and bringing me to orgasm.

Then he stood up and shoved his big cock inside of me. He gave instructions about the next inspection as he pounded into me.  If he announces that there will be an inspection after a shower, then I am to go directly after it into the bedroom and assume position 1 until he arrives for the inspection, regardless of how long it takes him to get there.

Because we have been having sex three to four times a day for the last month or so, I am quite sore.  Today, my vagina feels raw and swollen so his thrusting hurt in that good kind of way.  Once he noticed that, he made me beg for him to hurt me.  He grabbed my hair, smacked my face, and deeply thrusted into me while expecting me to not resist and requiring me to beg him for it.

It was HOT!

Afterwards, I was so dizzy, I had to lie on the bed for 20 minutes to get back to normal.

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