Monday, August 18, 2014

Premenstrual Mouthiness

I am approximately two days out from starting my period, and my premenstrual syndrome has kicked into full gear.  Light headache, irritability, mood swings...

This morning, on the way to take our daughters to school, my patience was at zero, and I barked at my HoH several times. I was also verbally critical of him in front of my daughters (about something he was discussing with our oldest daughter).

After my doctor's appointment to which he accompanied me, we went to lunch. We briefly discussed at lunch before he dropped me at work.  I thought that was it. It wasn't.  Once home from work, he stated I still needed to get my spanking.


"Yes," he said.  In some ways, consistency sucks.

Downstairs we went.  He did the lecture part, discussing what I had done, and why it needs to be corrected. He told me I would have warm up spanks and then 8 licks.  Down went the jeans.  Down went the underwear. Bare butt!

Before the spankings, he let me know that he expects me to take this spanking without turning around, stopping him, blocking with my hands. He said I would receive extra whacks if that occurs. Then he began.

Warm up - seemed like around 20 lighter smacks in groups of 5, alternating cheeks.  Then a brief pause to tell me that NOW the licks would begin (what?! none of those counted?!).

PAINFUL. As they should be, but still.

The dogs went wild, barking at the whacks, acting crazy.  We had to shush them for a few minutes before he could hug me. That sucked. We had to walk across the room to the couch, and then his phone started ringing. And my butt hurt enough that I needed to lie on my side on the couch.

This is the first spanking that still hurts. He said afterwards that he felt he had been spanking incorrectly. It is clear to me that he had been as well. I think he has the warm up strength and the regular strength of the paddling down, and knows to smack one or two past what he believes I think I can handle.  Can I YAY and OH CRAP at the same time?!?


  1. I would advise the gentleman that is birching his wife. The results of a good spanking would be much better if he had raised her dress to her waist, pulled down her bloomers, and birched her bare bottom.

  2. my husband doesn't put up with my monthly bitchiness at all