Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Fantasy of It

The fantasy of it - pulling my panties down in shame, bending over, getting my bottom smacked over and over and over again...the bright red glorious sting...

I look at spanking photographs, and I fantasize this scenario quite regularly.  It makes me crave a spanking, it makes me tingle in the nether-area, it makes me want to be touched.

And then...when the reality of the situation is NOTHING like the fantasy.  It is painful. Real pain. In that moment, I want it to end, for it to be more like bedroom play spankings. Afterwards...back to the fantasy as I deal with the bright red glorious sting...

This is pretty much how the last two days have gone.  Yesterday, due to messes I left around the bedroom, and yet another episode of me (for some reason) not being able to get passed something in the past, I came home from work and was told that I was in for a spanking.  All the way until the actual event, I was slightly heady from the fantasy of it.

The reality of it?  Two whacks into being spanked with a wooden bathroom back scrubber, the thing broke in two!  The punishment of 15 licks continued with the thin wooden handle of the broken implement.  OUCH!  Not fun, and I had a little trouble staying in position.  After the discipline spanking, he continued with his hand for an additional 7 or 8 for stress relief.  My poor bottom!

Today, after leaving the same items out (I failed to clean up the mess that resulted in yesterday's spanking), I was told I was getting another spanking.  I actually thought, Lucky me! Woo hoo! Bring it! How soon I forget, and how I underestimated how badly it would hurt since I was just spanked yesterday.

Personally, I think the warm up should have counted as spankings.  My bottom was so sore after the warm up, that after the first whack with the clear paddle, I jumped out of position, begging for my poor bottom.  Because of that, he didn't count that whack.  Staying in position was nearly impossible.  I don't want to be restrained for spankings, but I cannot see how I can stay in position otherwise. I must be a major wimp.  Regardless, somehow I made it through the only 8 whacks, unrestrained and barely able to cope.

You would think that all of this would cure my fantasy...not really! I can't wait for all the love and pain that comes with my man keeping things in line. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I know. It's like child birth! You completely forget and then want another! Lol I just got 25 after a one minute warm up by hand. No bueno :-/