Saturday, August 9, 2014

My First Spanking

The first spanking took place yesterday, our first day of our DD journey. As you will see from the Punishments page, I used disrespectful language toward my husband in front of my daughter.  About three to five minutes after doing that, my HoH (head of household/husband) took my hand and walked me down to the basement for privacy.  He explained to me what I did, and why it is detrimental not only to our relationship, but to our daughter as well.  I agreed. I knew it was wrong.

Before this DD journey, it would have just been let go.  I was free to generously speak disrespectfully to my husband, and it either led to a big fight or him feeling resentful.  I never had to correct my behavior or even make amends for that matter.  This would happen several times a day as we navigated through life.  Me making comments; husband reacting with anger that turned to resentment.

Yesterday, though, he was calm. He did not react. He spoke to me about it gently. He said I was getting a spanking.  With this being the first spanking and us not having put it into practice just yet, he decided I would get five spanks, under my skirt, over my underwear, using his hand while I bent forward over a chest.


He spanked me extremely hard. At four I felt like crying. I was so thankful I was only getting five of these.  I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't the flood of emotions that surfaced.  After, he hugged me, held me tight...and it felt so loving and kind to me.

Overall, even though it hurt, and even though I am afraid to get another spanking (very different from the Bedroom Play spankings), I was so proud of my HoH for remaining calm...proud of myself for being able to apologize for my poor behavior...and proud of both of us for following through with the punishment.