Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spanking and the Brain

HoH and I have been discussing how weird it is that this works - so far!  How and why? Who would have thought? I started doing a little research and found some pretty interesting things that I didn't know before.

Our brains are an amazing thing! It has built into it ways to cope with anxiety, stress and fear. It uses three main chemicals/neurotransmitters - ACTH and Endorphins/Dopamine.  The ACTH helps us hone in on and pay attention to pain, thus making us feel it more acutely.  The endorphins reduce our attention to the said pain, thus making us not feel it as intensely. The dopamine stimulates our pleasure center.

ACTH is the motivator. Let's say that we are walking down the street, and someone is lurking in the alleyway.  The first chemical released is ACTH. This is in response to the fear/danger we are experiencing.  Our awareness is heightened, and we are motivated by fight-or-flight. If we were assaulted in that process, we would feel it intensely and it would motivate us to move!

Directly after, endorphins are released.  This decreases our focus so that we are able to actual get up and run, and it decreases our pain so that if we are injured, we are able to try to get away.  Stress reduces our dopamine, but in the case of the endorphin/dopamine combo, the dopamine is restored and we become more balanced.  Endorphins and dopamine are the "happy" chemicals, the rush, the thing that helps us cope, and help us have satisfaction.

In terms of spanking, before and directly in the beginning, ACTH is released. The fear or hesitation or anticipation of pain helps it to be released.  We really feel those first whacks because of its release. We also are hyper-focused on those first whacks for the same reason.

Approximately 30 seconds to a minute into a paddling, the endorphins kick in. The endorphins are what assist us in coping, allowing our focus to go elsewhere, and allowing us to tolerate/stay in position.  Stress melts away during the paddling because of the dopamine being released. That is why we feel satisfied or completed afterwards.

Who cares?  Well, a lot of people care! Scientists are now using "whipping therapy" to treat addiction, depression, and other ailments in Russia and parts of Europe.  In the US, there are a small group of Wellness Centers that us spanking to treat stress and depression.  Studies have shown that the restoration of dopamine in conjunction with the ACTH and endorphin releases allows the therapy to progress.

I can see how DD works so much better now.  The lecture is such a huge step in personal responsibility which is necessary to affect any personal growth and change.  The punishment, especially if spanking, releases just the right combo of chemicals so that the punishment produces enough pain and coping and stress relief to clear (if you will) our emotional baggage, and the aftercare of reassurance, physical affection, and kindness restores the connection and floods us with feeling loved, cared for, and protected.  Genius!

For the spankings (yet) today. Lots of space/personal time.

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  1. I have been trying so hard to find this kind of clear information. It is so difficult explaining why the spanking works. I know that a spanking helps me with my stress and depression when they kick in.
    Thanks for the great info