Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Spanking Survey

I found this survey on a new favorite blog -  Here it is with my answers!

Have you ever gotten spanked?  Yes

Are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes? Either over panties or bare bottomed

What is the best thing about being spanked?  It shows me that my husband cares about me, that I am worth the effort. I also appreciate the stress relief it provides, the clearing of my guilty feelings, and the reconnection afterwards that it brings.

What position do you get spanked in?    So far, it has been leaning over a dresser.

Have you ever gotten spanked in public? No

What do you get spanked with the most? What I call the Clear Whack Paddle. Ouch!

On a scale of 1-10 how much does the average spanking hurt?  Anywhere from a 7 to a 9. I have low tolerance at this point, I think.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a hairbrush? Yes

Have you ever been spanked so hard that you started to cry?  No, but I am usually on the verge of it.

Were you spanked as a child? Yes, unfortunately.

Do you think spanking is fun?  During bedroom play, yes. For discipline, not so much.

Have you ever gotten spanked for bad driving (speeding ticket, etc)?  No.

Have you ever gotten a spanking for no reason at all?   Not yet.

Have you ever gotten spanked by a teacher? Yes, when I went to a private school. Rumor had it that she was a former pitcher.

Is your butt spankable?  Clearly.

Are you currently in trouble?   Not that I am aware of!

Do you get lectured during the spanking?  Not during but certainly before. I am told what the infraction is, why it is harmful to our family or our relationship, and then what the punishment will be (how many licks!).

Have you ever seen someone else get spanked? Not as an adult.

Have you ever gotten spanked for cursing? No

Have you ever gotten spanked for lying? No

Have you ever been spanked with more than one spanking instrument in one spanking session?   Not yet.

Do you hate spankings?  I love the concept, the results, and the fantasy of it.  I hate them when I am getting them. They hurt!

How many people spank you? Just my husband.

Have you ever gotten spanked with your butt in the air?  Not yet.

Have you ever gotten spanked so hard your butt was purple?  No, but bright red is how it usually looks afterwards.

Do you think that spanking is a good punishment?  Yes, I think it is effective, and punishments should be effective.

Do you believe spanking has made your relationship better, or worse? Definitely better.

Is your butt red and sore afterwards?  Yes. Red and stings.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a sneaker? No

Have you ever been spanked twice in one day?  No

Have you ever asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?  Yes, I have asked, mainly because I wanted to feel clear of guilt and to reconnect.

Would you talk about spousal spankings to your friends/family members?   No.  I believe it is a private matter, and also I do not think people would understand.  Until recently, I would not have understood either.

Have you ever gotten you butt caned? No, thankfully.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a wooden spoon? No.

What do you get spanked for?  Disrespectful speech, being overly critical of HoH in front of others or the children, leaving messes around the house, to reconnect.

On average, how many times a month are you spanked? Very new to this but it seems thus far to be every few days.

Do your friends know that you get spanked?  No

On a 1-10 scale, how hard would you get spanked for something serious, such as speeding?  My HoH ranks the number of licks. For speeding, I bet he would give a lower number of licks but at the usual intensity.

Have you ever gotten your butt belted?  Yes, and what a sting!

Have you ever gotten your butt paddled? Yes, and the paddle implement we have hurts!

After your spanking is over, how long before you repeat the same offense?  Depends. I have done great with messiness! I used to leave them every day but now I don't.  The hardest for me is using a respectful tone, mainly because I spent 20 years not paying attention to tone and/or being argumentative.

Does your spouse enjoy spanking you? I don't think he enjoys it (unless it is Bedroom Play). I think he struggles with it physically hurting me.

When is the last time you got spanked?  Two days ago.

Have you ever spanked yourself?  No.

What is the worst thing about being spanked?  The very last two licks. OUCH! It is hard for me to embrace the pain. I want to turn around or cover my bottom.

How long does the spanking last? Depends, but not long.

Do you like to be spanked?  I do. Even when it hurts. Even though it scares me. The results of bringing us closer, of giving me an outlet for removing guilt, and the way I almost crave it lets me know that I do indeed like it (even if I feel differently just before getting spanked and while getting spanked).

Would you describe yourself as a rule follower, or a rule breaker?  I would have to go with both.  I am a rule follower in so many ways but clearly I am a rule breaker as well if I am getting spanked!


  1. love this survey. think I will make this post and introduce to you to blogland at the same time.