09/28/2014 Spanking with clear whack paddle (5 minute warm up/15+3 licks, bare bottom)
Reason: Disrespectful
During a heated debate/argument, I overe-talked, raised my voice, didn't listen, and refused get it under control.

09/25/2014 Spanking with hand and belt (20 with hand/15 with belt, over undies)
Reason: Back talk, critical, disrespectful, lack of connection
I had what I am going to term a terrible day, and it came out in various disrespectful ways.

09/13/2014 50 Sentences
Reason: Impatient and smart-alick attitude
I had to write: "My mouth is for eating and sucking cock, not being disrespectful" 50 times for not being nice when we were supposed to be cooking dinner together. 

09/12/2014 Spanking with clear whack paddle (15 warm up/25 + 3 licks, over undies)
Reason:  Disrespectful, disconnection, attitude, tone of voice
Days of being mouthy, disrespectful, hateful, and mean.  Long warm up, lots of licks, and an extra three for reaching back. I hate to admit it, but completely needed.

08/30/2014 Spanking with clear whack paddle (10 warm up/8 licks, over undies)
Reason:  Not cleaning up old mess
I had been cleaning up after myself; however, a mess from several days ago remained on the side of the bed. I was spanked the night before, but had still failed to pick it up. It is now picked up!

08/29/2014 Spanking with wooden bathroom back scrubber and hand (15/8, over jeans)
Reason:  Messiness and Stress relief
The set of 15 with back scrubber was for leaving a mess for a couple of days. He pointed it out to me several time, and I didn't bother to straighten it up.  The set of 8 with hand was for stress relief from obsessing over old news in the relationship.

08/22/2014 Spanking with hand (15 licks, bare butt)
Reason: Tone of voice, need for reconnection
I was out of control with my emotions and my tone of voice when expressing myself. This caused us to fight for hours, and for us to be disconnected.

08/18/2014 Spanking with the clear whack paddle (20 warm up/8 licks, bare butt)
Reason:  Disrespectful speech, intervening/critical in front of kids
I snapped at HoH several times, sharply, even after warning, and intervened with disrespectful comments when he was talking with my oldest daughter (in front of both daughters).

08/16/2014 Spanking with the clear whack paddle (10 warm up/6 licks, over undies)
Reason:  Need for Reconnection
After feeling disconnected all day, HoH decided a spanking was in order to restore our closeness. All spanking - warm up and licks - were done with the paddle. It worked!

08/13/2014 Spanking with the clear whack paddle (6 licks, bare butt)
Reason:  Messiness
I left messes all over the bedroom, and did not pick them up or even attempt to straighten them up before I left.

08/11/2014 Spanking with belt (8 licks, bare butt)
Reason: Remaining disconnected and widening the gap
Through trying to process a difficult time in our marriage, I allowed it to disconnect us, and further widened the gap. It was bedtime, and still we had not reconnected because I was hurt and angry.

08/10/2014 Spanking with hand (3 licks, over clothing)
Reason: Messiness
I left a wet towel on HoH's side of the bed. It made his side wet and mildewing smelling.  Because I had shown initiative in cleaning up (I folded my other towel and had put my clothes away after my shower), I received an extremely light spanking.

08/09/2014 Verbal Warning
Reason: Disrespectful speech
While at friends' house for dinner, I on multiple occasions used speech that belittled or criticized HoH such as noticing and rolling eyes at his posture, implying not being intelligent due to lack of knowledge of a current event, becoming aggravated at his way of telling a story.  He spoke to me about it morning after since it was hard to navigate publicly.

08/08/2014 Spanking with hand (5 licks, under skirt/over undies)
Reason: Disrespectful speech
HoH tripped over my shoes twice and gave me the opportunity to pick them up without directly asking me. Instead, in an aggravated tone, I chastised him in a belittling way in front our of oldest daughter for not directly asking me to pick them up.

08/08/2014 Verbal Warning
Reason: Being Messy
HoH spoke to me about leaving my clothes in the bathroom after taking a shower. He kindly asked that I make sure that I pick up after myself.

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  1. I love that you are sometimes punished by having to write lines. Excellent.