Thursday, August 14, 2014


Well, it was bound to happen. I left a huge mess when I left for work yesterday. Technically, I did have time to clean up. However, I procrastinated getting out of bed, and played a bit on the computer, and then...lost track of time. Next thing I knew, I had 10 minutes to get out of the door, and I still had to blow dry the hair, get dressed, brush teeth, etc.

When I arrived home from work, HoH showed me the mess that extended all over the room. I told him I intended to clean it up after work. That didn't fly. He said there would be a punishment, and it would happen when he got back from his Wednesday night class. I didn't concern myself with it too much. I cleaned up the room, made the bed, picked up my various messes, and went about the evening.

HoH returned from class with a package in his hand.  The New Paddle had arrived, and it was going to be broken in with me. Oh my!  HoH pulled my outfit up, my undies and pantyhose down, and I assumed the position for my 8 licks. Doesn't sound like much, I know.  Still, I was not overly concerned until...


That first whack was ridiculous. I felt right then and there that I would not be able to tolerate another one. The pain was worse than I could ever expect. I instantly and instinctively went into begging mode, turned around, pleaded that it was too hard, refused to turn back around, etc. HoH calmed me down a bit, and then continued with the remaining 7.  Absolutely the most painful paddling to date.

I will *not* be leaving any messes any time soon. That's for sure!

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  1. Yikes, that Lexan is mean. Hope that it doesn't get used often. But deep down, I am glad that he noticed your mess and followed through