Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spanked on Facebook

Yes, I am now on Facebook.

Why?  I want to socialize with others in this lifestyle.  FetLife is NOT for me.  Experience Project - wow. If I get one more unsolicited penis picture sent to me, I might commit acts of violence.  I love my Thursday and Sunday chat rooms that I found (*waves to all my new friends*) but I cannot always join. It really depends on what is happening with the family life, homework, and other mommy and work duties.  I love-love-love this online blog community (*waves to all my new blogging friends*) and it makes my day when someone comments here, so I thought maybe I would expand a little bit and try FB, too.

If you are brave under your real name or if you have a pseudo-identity on FB, please FRIEND me by clicking:  Perfectly Punished (TheWife) Facebook Page


  1. Yay I'm so excited! This will be good change for both of us!! I'm so happy I found you :) **hugs**

    You all can add me too I'm on as Cherished Byhim

    1. It would be awesome to get a little DD community going there. :)